Saturday, July 15, 2017

Mini Vacation

In June, I took a trip with Pam, Drew & Dylan to Kentucky.   What is in Kentucky, you ask?    We went to see the Ark Adventure.   It is a HUMONGOUS structure, built to the specifications of Noah's Ark as told in the Bible.    It is definitely worth going to see - they have depicted what it might have been like on the ark - the animal cages, the living quarters, food storage (for animals and Noah's family), and much, much more.  

We even spent an evening at Churchill Downs!   What fun to see the horse races.  I didn't bet on any horses, BTW.

We went to the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory.  Very interesting and fun to see.  I even got a (free) miniature Louisville Slugger bat.   

We also walked along the river in Louisville, and visited a garden of a mansion that was gorgeous.


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