Sunday, May 28, 2017

Facebook: The Good, the Bordering on Bad, and the Downright Ugly

I am one of who-knows-how-many millions who check out Facebook nearly every day.  Lately I have been thinking about what's good about it, bad about it, and what is downright UGLY about it.   So here goes.

1.  What a fun way to keep up with family and friends, past and a present!
2.   Those wonderful pictures of grandchildren, children, travel and more!
3.   I have actually found some great recipes.
4.   I have even found some quilt patterns and made them.
5.   I have found many relatives through FB - and though I have not met most of them,
I really do feel  a family connection with them.
6.   Group pages that have assisted in genealogy, local history and more.
7.   Can't forget the fun games!
8.   News of births, marriages, even deaths have been announced via FB.
9.   Can't get ahold of someone?   Try messaging them on every time!
10.  Some of those jokes/cartoons are really funny enough to share.

1.   The games...Yes, I know I listed them in the good - but in truth, they are addictive
and can be too much of a good thing!
2.  Way too much time is often spent on social media, aka Facebook.   Gee, I could've done something way more constructive, right?  (speaking for myself, of course)
3.  The hacking, the pop up ads?  Uff-da!
4.  Thoseposts that promise good luck if we will just type "Amen" and pass it on?  pfft!
5.  Those "news" stories with the headline beginning with, "You Won't Believe.....This Changes Everything!"   and then you read the article, and it's another pfft!!

1.   The Trump (or fill in another name) haters and their constant posts to prove their point
2.   The Trump (or fill in another name) lovers and their constant posts to prove their point
3.   The use of the "F" is truly offensive to me.
4.   Fake news, and the number of people who re-post, believing it is true  (yes, they do!)
5.   Because they are on social media, some people are suddenly  brave/outspoken enough to spew out hatred against those who may disagree.  
6.   Half-news, where the reporter (or FB user) tells only a part of the story, leaving out one or more important details that might give one an entirely different view.
7.   Those Facebookers who  claim to be tolerant, loving people...yet they verbally attack those with differing opinions.

So, while it appears my good points outnumber the "bordering on bad" and "downright ugly,"  we could all strive to be nicer to people on Facebook (and everywhere else).   We should think twice before commenting, keep it kind.

Happy Facebooking!

I realize that we have freedom of speech and that we are all entitled to our opinions, even on Facebook.   I am merely practicing my freedom of speech and my opinions on this post.  

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